Welcome to Scarlet Foundation!

Welcome to Scarlet Foundation!

We hope you all had a wonderful winter break and a very happy new year!

Our mission at Scarlet Foundation is to ensure that our learners have the best educational experience possible!

We are working with school leadership and our iSupport leadership team  to determine what the priorities are for this year so we know how best to offer our support.

We are here to support our learners, our families, and our school.


The Scarlet Foundation Board of Directors

Kenchy Ragsdale, kenchy.ragsdale@scarletparents.org 
Jeannette Laughlin, jeannette.laughlin@scarletparents.org
Anita Kornick, anita.kornick@scarletparents.org 
Tanya Peterson, tanya.peterson@scarletparents.org 
Miguel Fletcher, miguel.fletcher@scarletparents.org 
Leslie Chapman, leslie.chapman@scarletparents.org

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