Scarlet Foundation’s four major program areas address the broad needs of SCVi. Needs assessment is conducted primarily by the SCVi administration in collaboration with facilitators, learners, parents and guardians. The success of Scarlet Foundation’s programs depend on the generous support of members of the school community. Financial contributions and volunteering are key to planning and implementing initiatives. This ensures that our learners have everything they need.

Human Capital/Funding

We believe that a truly exceptional educational experience only comes when highly-trained and experienced professional educators are involved in guiding students in the learning process. Our program in Human Capital supports SCVi in hiring, developing, and retaining staff to create an environment in which all learners thrive.

In past years Scarlet Foundation has sponsored:

  • Facilitators to attend professional development training in Singapore Math and Differentiated instruction Techniques
  • CPR Training of Facilitators
  • The Leader In Residence support staff member
  • Music Facilitator for the full 2017/18 school year
  • The Annual Recognition Leadership Awards for Facilitators and Staff in collaboration with administration

Experiential and Project-Based Learning

One of the defining characteristics of SCVi is the focus on learning through hands-on experiences and individual and group projects. Scarlet Foundation is committed to supporting high-impact initiatives to provide and expand these opportunities.

To maintain and enhance experiential and project-based learning opportunities, SCVi relies on support from Scarlet Foundation in the form of volunteers as well as tools and consumable supplies for projects and curricula.

In past years Scarlet Foundation has sponsored:

  • CTE Grant Matching Funds
  • A working capital fund classroom needs
  • Theater Equipment
  • Musical Instruments
  • Technology-Enabled Learning

Technology-Enhanced Learning

To effectively teach essential technology skills and literacy, learners need access to modern technology and the means to use it safely and effectively. Scarlet Foundation helps make sure SCVi’s classrooms have the technology tools learners need to thrive.

In past years Scarlet Foundation has sponsored:

  • Purchase of Laptops
  • Video streaming/archiving of Parent University programming

Learning Facilities

Securing and maintaining appropriate learning facilities can be a challenge for charter schools, like SCVi, that do not utilize district facilities. Scarlet Foundation aims to enhance learning facilities to provide students with the space they need to learn, work, and collaborate.

In past years Scarlet Foundation has sponsored:

  • First Aid kits/Stop The Bleed Kits
  • Shade for play areas
  • Installation of landscaping projects
  • Facilities Updates