Looking To The Future

As you know, our SCVi school site will not reopen until the fall, so here are some updates and a few thoughts from your Scarlet Foundation parents. In this constantly evolving challenge we all face, we’re looking to the future.

Thank You!

First, thank you all so much for your tremendous effort on the STEP It UP campaign and for your donations and support this year for our learners at SCVi! Together we were able to raise $33,020.63 this year! We will share a more thorough financial update at the end of the fiscal year. Because of your hard work, we’ll be ready to support SCVi immediately when we return in the fall. Of course, when things settle, we will be sure to get the Day of Awesomeness back on the schedule for our amazing learners!

Lucky To Be A Part Of The SCVi Community

We’re also thankful for how connected many of our SCVi families have been able to stay, despite not being in actual physical proximity to each other. The capacity that SCVi and iLEAD have shown in quickly coming together almost literally overnight to make this transition as seamless as possible for our kids has been nothing short of amazing. The iLEAD resources, the virtual learning program and guidance, and our dedicated staff and facilitators, have been an incredible asset. Speaking with friends and families outside of the SCVi/iLEAD community, we’ve heard that schools in districts with much greater resources continue to struggle with the transition. Of course, none of this is perfect, but when there’s a global pandemic surging through the population, what we have at SCVi is amazing.

Shade Project

Not much is certain, but it’s clear this pandemic will not be over soon. Meanwhile, we continue to work on the Shade Project permitting, which is finally getting close to approval! And we’re already working with SCVi leadership to identify funding needs the school may have when it reopens.

Final Thought

Finally, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude for being part of this amazing community and knowing that we have each other to help get us through this. Because of your support, we will be ready to help.

Best wishes for continued health and safety,

Kenchy Ragsdale
Nicole Miller
Anita Kornick
Jesse Lee
Maegan Pearson

Amber Caul
Andrea Shields
Brittany Applen
Sage Porter
Brie Childers