Dear SCVi Families and Community,

Scarlet Foundation is SCVi’s parent run 501(c)(3) fundraising organization. Our primary role is to partner with the administrators, facilitators and families to raise funds for programs, events and community-building activities that go above and beyond the school’s traditional funding resources.

Scarlet Foundation sponsors quite a few programs and community events which are made possible through the coordinated efforts of volunteers drawn from our parent community. We are able to make all of that happen through fundraising initiatives such as our Annual Giving campaign, community sponsorships and special events revenue.

The Scarlet Foundation is not a PTA or an events support and planning committee like iSupport. We are an advancement organization that provides the financial and nonprofit structure for SCVi fundraising. This ensures that all of our families’ contributions are tax-deductible to the extent permitted by law. It also helps free up SCVi’s iSupport parent volunteers to focus on planning and running the wonderful events and community-building activities that our families love. Essentially Scarlet Foundation functions as the sponsorship arm for many of SCVi’s programs, events and community-building activities by raising and providing the funds for projects prioritized by the administration, facilitators and families.

Last year Scarlet Foundation did all this!

  • Raised $43,000 with our Annual Step It Up Campaign and the amazing efforts of our learners for the SPF Phase 2 Campaign! (SCVi’s ongoing Shade Project Funding for our learners outdoor play areas).
  • Organized a community day sponsored by TreePeople to plant 15 new shade trees along the K-1 Yard and Sports Field for SPF Phase 1 Campaign.
  • Coordinated SCVi’s busses from the San Fernando Valley and subsidized $45,000 for our riders fees (from funds raised at the iLEAD Encino Campus in 2017/18).
  • Provided $28,000 working capital and Sponsored the Annual Vision in Education Benefit dinner
  • Provided $4,000 for storage sheds for SCVi’s Theater and Sports Programs
  • Provided $10,000 working capital SCVi’s Field Studies program
  • Provided $10,000 worth VEX robotics equipment and materials.  (brought from the iLEAD Encino Campus)
  • Provided $7,000 working capital for Spirit Wear
  • Provided funding for musical instruments for SCVi’s Music Program.
  • Funded the SCVi – iLead Explorations Program’s end of year event
  • Coordinated and sponsored Pizza Fridays
  • Provided hundreds of lockers valued at $10,000 (brought from the iLEAD Encino Campus)
  • Provided $5,000 worth of tools and supplies for Makers Space (Brought from iLEAD Encino Campus)

This website will be your resource for spirit wear, news and annual giving as well as bus sign-ups for families coming from the San Fernando Valley. Scarlet Foundation will act as sponsor of programs and events only. Our wonderful parent volunteers will continue the planning and organizing of events through iSupport.

We’re so excited to be part of this extraordinary community!


Your friendly neighborhood Scarlet Foundation